My Laser Treatment Experience…

I wanted to share with you all something I have tried recently in the journey of improving skin appearance and texture.

I met with Ashley Mattos, owner of Bolder Image and Laser. We were introduced by a mutual client that has seen great results from our work, complimenting each others.

Ashley and I met to discuss our theories on skin services. This process was very important to me. I have seen many laser technicians sell clients services that would not benefit their skin or skin type, so that they can pay the mortgage on their equipment. Our Botox and Juvederm nurse Bonee who is laser certified and a former owner of a medical spa and salon that provided laser services, agreed and influenced me largely in being able to determine this behavior.

I came to the resolution that while I have no desire to perform laser services, they can be of  value, as well as my clients who have them done. I would like them to see someone I feel puts out a quality product, as well as being trustworthy and ethical. I found this in Ashley and chose to give it a try. Ashley recommended that I perform a facial on myself to get rid of the topical dead skin, so that my treatment would not only work better, but my numbing agents could work more efficiently.

I had a procedure done called profractional laser treatment. While most people think I have great skin, I do only because I work at it. I also have sun damage on the left side of my face, my driving side.

I can tell you that I am quite pleased with just one treatment! The sun spots AND my redness in my face are dramatically lessened. I received many compliments on my skin, and now I am obsessed with getting it to go away!! I am very much looking forward to the results of my next service with Ashley.

As one of my clients you receive 20% off your first service with Ashley and she can discuss any discounts related to packages.

Here is the link to her website as well.


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